Want to know more about The Brooklyn Dance Festival? Read on! In the interview excerpts below, the 2013 artists talk about the pieces they will be showcasing and the inspiration for their work.

Synthesis Dance Project (Artistic Director: Tracie Stanfield)

Broken Light

“We’re performing one of our audience favorites, Broken Light. I prefer to keep the inspiration for my work to myself as I enjoy hearing the audiences’ own interpretations. I have found that when I say too much, the audience starts looking for my meaning in the piece instead of enjoying the work and defining their own experience. I will say that the music is fantastic! I always start with letting the music ‘tell’ me what to do and how to move. The music is a remix by Radiohead – haunting, contagious and very cool.”

Derek Mitchell Dance Company (Artistic Director: Derek Mitchell)

I Love You

“I am presenting a piece titled I Love You. The sole inspiration behind the piece is my mother.”

The Next Stage Project (Co-Artistic Directors: Marijke Eliasberg & Jana Hicks)

All the Way and Back

“We will present All the Way and Back. It’s a physical interpretation of life presenting itself in different challenges — sometimes taking you up, sometimes taking you down. Our philosophy is that whatever the challenge is, all you can do is keep going and enjoy the ride.”

Les Femmes Plus (Artistic Director: Germaine Salsberg)

Time Off

“We’re performing a new piece called, tentatively called Time Off. The first two sections are set to Dave Brubeck’s music, and the third section has been a journey! It’s part of a project my husband Artis Smith and I are doing at Brooklyn College, where he is a dance professor. We produce an annual dance concert there and are collaborating with composition students in their Masters program. The composer for my piece, Jack Horowitz, had never composed for tap dance, so we worked together to determine the dramatic images and shape the piece. The result is an unusual but very exciting piece of music — not your typical tap music.”

Kristin Sudeikis Dance Company (Artistic Director: Kristin Sudeikis)

Eyes to Serve///Hands to Learn

“We are performing Eyes to Serve///Hands to Learn. This work is derived from unfiltered, raw, real human connection. Becoming fully present with one another in one moment, in one time, in one space — tapping into the effortless electricity that erupts from this very awareness. Recognizing what can happen when we are only here, only now.”

R.E.D. (Rhapsody En Dance) (Artistic Director: Rhapsody James)


“The name of the piece we are performing at BDF is called Broken, and it’s a piece we’re doing in a premiere showcase at the end of May called Human Metabolism. Broken is about the experience of disappointment in a relationship — for example, going through a break-up or discovering an untold truth — and having to deal with wanting to run away from the issue at hand instead of dealing with it.”

JKDance Company (Artistic Director: Joyce King)

INternal Seize

“First, I want to say that JKDC is excited to have the opportunity to share the stage with all the amazing dance companies taking part in the Brooklyn Dance Festival! It’s very exciting to be part of these performances. The title for our piece is INternal Seize, which will have its world premiere at the Brooklyn Dance Festival. It is an excerpt from a larger piece titled, LISTEn, that will also be having its world premiere on May 11th at The Ailey Citigroup Theater in NYC. The inspiration has always been from those that surround me: headlines, memories, art work, books, the need to express an inner feeling, combined with the personalities of my dancers. The initial urge to create for this excerpt hit me after attending an event. That following week, I walked into rehearsal carrying a combination of objects, not really sure what was going to happen next, but recalling what a dear friend, Miranda Saunders, said to me once: “What if you don’t need to have all the answers?” From there our process began.”

DeMa Dance Company (Co-Artistic Director: Yesid Lopez)

“I am setting a new creation exploring the influence society has on people — like the necessity of being part of a group or collective and the impact this has on the development of the individual mind in a world ruled by masses.”

Brooklyn Dance Festival Company (Artistic Director: Tracie Stanfield)

“The BDF Company is a great opportunity for dancers who are not in a company yet, in between jobs or looking for a performance outlet. The dancers audition and learn the entire piece in two days. It is a ‘boot camp’ type of experience! We (the board of directors) wanted the Brooklyn Dance Festival to go beyond showcasing the amazing talent on our Festival roster, so we created the BDF Company in order to offer a learning and performance experience to the dance community at large.”

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